How do we work?

All of our teams have specialist expertise and great freedom to conduct and develop day-to-day work. All members of the team are involved in the entire work process and are given the chance to develop in their professional roles. The teams develop action plans and are responsible for further training. The various teams often work together, based on the expertise the client is seeking.

Working as a lawyer

As a junior lawyer, you will often be a member of a team. You will be involved in the entire matter and, as a member of the team, meet our clients from the start, participate in seminars and give lectures. As a senior lawyer, you will be responsible for cases and clients, have a supervisory role, as well as give lectures on a regular basis.

Working as a paralegal/legal assistant

As a paralegal/legal assistant, you will often be a member of several teams. Document preparation, investigation, case management, checking conflicts of interest, and simple legal research will be included in your duties.

Working as a student

As a law student, you may work as a receptionist, summer clerk or intern. As a receptionist, you will share your duties with other law students, as summer clerks you will work within a broad range of legal areas, and as an intern you will be employed 20 per cent, which will enable you to work with the law in addition to writing your academic paper.